Hours of entering accounts payable invoices ?


Not with us!

Scan the document with immoSpice and book and pay automatically or with just a few clicks.


Placing orders with craftsmen cumbersome and not up to date ?


This can also be done differently!

When the tenant calls, simply enter the order via the order module and immediately after entering the order, the craftsman is commissioned, the accounting department is informed about the approved price range and the order, and you also have the schedule control under control. Tracking of tradesmen's orders, their execution status and execution quality via feedback from tenant/owner.


Tenant dossier already digital but not integrated into your programme?


Efficient and clear goes like this!

Tenancy agreements, mail correspondence and telephone records can be accessed directly from the respective tenant or via the rental property on immoSpice.

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Ari: Owner of a software development company. Bruno and Thomas: IT executives. All three love to create optimal customer solutions by digitalising processes. Inspired by an American rental app, they asked themselves: Why is there nothing comparable in Switzerland? Over an after-work beer, their 'vision' solidified. Without further ado, they decided to develop a Swiss rental app. At the start of marketing, they all presented the new solution to various interested parties. The response was uniform and sobering. Without management software, the optimisation potential cannot be used.


Marcel loves two things: people and houses. In his job, he can combine his two passions. He is a real estate manager and gave Ari and Andi a maximum of 30 minutes to convince him of his app. The 30 min. turned into 3 hours and the gentlemen delved into a lively exchange. Topics: What are the challenges facing the real estate sector? What digital solutions already exist? How could an incredible increase in efficiency be achieved in the everyday lives of people involved in real estate? Everyone agrees: to create true added value for the daily challenges in the real estate industry, there is only one thing to do: we build software for real estate management. New. From the ground up. Well thought out. Without interfaces. Based on the latest technology. The goal: disrupting real estate business!


Marcel has a tic when it comes to customer service and work processes.A big tick.The service has to be tailored to the customer.The process must ensure that nothing is forgotten.All people involved have easy access to the necessary information. Repetitive tasks are automated. The investment in a software solution must pay off even for small and medium - sized enterprises.The software must create free space in everyday life.Free space for people and buildings.So that both get the attention they deserve.And: it must be fun to work with the software every day. That's what we achieve with immoSpice.


immoSpice object management

Have you ever had a new mandate where two or more almost identical buildings had to be registered? ...

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immoSpice, c/o Bix Bytes Solutions AG, Kaiserstuhlstrasse 34, 8154 Oberglatt

immoSpice, c/o Bix Bytes Solutions AG, Kaiserstuhlstrasse 34, 8154 Oberglatt