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Have you ever had a new mandate where two or more almost identical buildings had to be registered? The big effort here is to record the objects such as apartments, rooms, adjoining rooms, etc. several times. In immoSpice, we have built in various processes to greatly reduce this effort. For the registration of a new property we have created a guided process through the individual steps for land, building, unit with many automatisms.

We have defined the property as the basis for the entry of real estate. By entering the EGRIS number, a lot of additional data can be retrieved directly from the land register. Thus, only the additional information needs to be entered. Other useful information for the tender for lease, easements, neighboring properties, start and end of administration can be entered. Documents such as the land register extract and photos can also be uploaded.

One or more buildings can be entered per property. The building data is retrieved directly online with the EGID number. Address and geodata are taken from the property, so only additional information about the building such as year of construction, floors and areas need to be entered.

The units can be retrieved online with the EWID, entered manually, or copied from a similar unit and then different details can be changed. It is possible to enter all the information about the rooms, adjoining rooms, wet rooms, shared rooms. Also, the floor in the building, as well as the number of floors of the unit can be recorded. In addition, there is a separate room detail for each room grouped by dimensions, electrical appliances and other details. This helps later for planning maintenance work, inventory, acceptance protocols.

After the data entry, all entered data is clearly displayed before closing in order to be able to check everything.

To increase efficiency, an intelligent copy function has been implemented for multiple copies of individual units. Subsequently, with the function "mass mutation" individual fields such as the designation, floor, location can be quickly adapted individually. Copying of an entire building including all associated units can also be done easily. With these possibilities, a single building is recorded faster, as well as other similar buildings multiplied with very little effort.

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